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vaping central logoWe are your friendly local retailer for electronic cigarette and vape products in Rochford Essex. It is our aim to provide each and every customer with a personal service, providing help, advice and product insights across our whole range of vaping supplies. We stock many types of personal vaporisers and accessories plus our outstanding selection of e-liquids/juices to satisfy your needs. Have a look around to see what we currently have in stock, or call in to try our range of wonderful liquids free of charge.

The e-cigarette – an electronic revolution

The electronic cigarette revolution has taken society by surprise, with e-liquid rapidly replacing traditional tobacco sales. E-cigarettes vaporise e-liquids to product a vapour that emulates the process of smoking a “traditional” cigarette. The difference with e-cigs is there is no smoke, no tar and none of the thousands of harmful chemicals that you would inhale by smoking a cigarette. E-cigarettes are a less harmful alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

A few years ago if you were using an electronic cigarette in public, you’d most likely have received some funny comments! These days though, it is commonplace to come across people vaping in public – in pubs, clubs and bars amongst other places.

Vaping Central – sourcing the best vape products and e-liquid

At Vaping Central in Rochford Essex we stand for the very best quality products. We’ve over two years experience in picking out the best manufacturers whether it be for our electronic cigarette starter kits, ecig mods, batteries and of e-liquids and juices.